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It's time.  No more excuses.

Photography Education

Jenna has 7 years of experience, specializing in Maternity & Newborn photography. 

Education that will CHANGE your business.

"Learn from my mistakes and my journey."

The Prop Shop Now Open!

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"You can never run a successful business on only maternity and newborn photography..."

"You are just starting out.  You can't charge a fair rate.  You need years of experience before you can be profitable..."

"People won't spend that kind of money on that. Not in this area...."

"This is a nice hobby..."

"People don't like in person sales.  It won't work..."

Your goals are attainable.  Your dreams are reachable.  Your business can THRIVE.  

You can learn posing.  You can play with light to create the look you desire.  You can learn to push yourself and your equipment to the limits.  You can use editing to perfect your craft.  You can build a business that is exceptional. 

You can. 

And you can start that journey today.

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Hands On is Best

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Courses, Virtual Learning, Mentorship & Conferences

Click here to request more info and to see what courses are available and open for registration.

We would love to meet you!

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The Prop Shop

Hand selected, beautiful products designed and created for Maternity & Newborn Photographers provided by Green with Envy Collective. 

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