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Professional Newborn Portraiture Services

Newborn Photography


There’s something about a new baby that makes the world seem fresh and new. Babies are a reminder of all the possibilities that life holds. They’re also a lot of work, but it’s worth it to capture those first few weeks and months when they’re so small and vulnerable. That’s why newborn photography is so popular.


Newborn photography is more than just taking pictures of a baby. It’s about capturing the innocence and vulnerability of those early days, and the love and joy parents feel for their new child. It’s an important part of family history, and it will be cherished for years to come.

Preparing for the Session

The key to a successful newborn session is preparation. The photographer must know what to expect and be prepared for anything. Here are a few things you can do to help make the session go smoothly:


Newborns are scheduled at 9am, when babies are generally most content.  

Have everything you need ready before.  And email will go out prior to your session with helpful details.   

Feed your baby right before the session, in studio upon arrival, so they are nice and full. This will help them to fall asleep more easily.


Age of Newborns

Most newborn photography is done when the baby is 5-12 days old . This is because they are still sleepy and can be easily and safely posed. However, a newborn is considered so for the first 3 weeks of life and babies can be photographed successfully at any age.  Prebooking is strongly encouraged as we only take so many newborns a month.


During the Session

Once you arrive and baby is given a full feed, we will begin the session.  Don’t worry if your baby doesn’t cooperate at first. Our photographer has 7 years of experience and can handle any situation to create beautiful images.

Newborn Safety

The safety of your baby is always our top priority.  As the only newborn trained and safety certified studio in the area, we only use safe posing techniques tested and approved by experts. We also have experience working with premature and high-risk babies and know how to handle them with care.


If you’re looking for a newborn photography studio in  Paducah or Clarksville, TN, contact JMS Face Photography today!

Please request a call for more information or to book:


Newborn Photographer

Clients that book our Newborn Session will now have the choice to book our Beautiful Backlit Family images, Lifestyle Family images,

or our Classic Formal portraits. 


JMS Face Photography proudly offers its creative services to Paducah, Mayfield, Metropolis, Murray, Benton, Clarksville, Nashville, and beyond by request.

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