The purpose of the Newborn Clinic is to focus on the creation of sets, wrapping, lighiting, angles, and posing.  Photographers will leave with basic skills to SAFLEY and SUCCESSFULLY photograph a newborn in the most efficient way possible.


Students will receive a shirt and non slip yoga socks for use during the clinic and to take home.  In this clinic, everyone will photograph babies between 5 and 14 days old, in a studio setting.


Each student will leave with images that can be used to build up their portfolio, developing new skills along the way that can be utilized and implimented immediatley.  After the "session", we will sit down for a Q & A, ansering questions, as time allows.  


This class is perfect for all experience levels, from new photographers to more experienced.   


OPTIONAL: The Business Clinic can be added to this clinic (same day, after the newborn clinic) that focuses on the businesses side of newborn photography and why the expereince for your client is so very important.   This portion will help you REACH clients and then provide the best experience possible, leading to business growth.  



The Details:


JMS FACE Photography in Paducah, KY

2830 Lone Oak Rd Suites 1A, 3, & 4

Paducah, KY 42003

(270) 556-9443


November 17, 2022

The Newborn Clinic:  8:30am - 3pm with a one hour lunch that is provided (central time zone) $400

The  Business Clinic (optional):  3:30pm - 6pm  $250


Max class size - 10 participants


Newborns to photograph and trained assistants included to help throughout the day.


Local airport: Barkley Regional (15 minutes from studio)

Closest International airport: BNA Nashville, TN (2 hours from studio)



Newborn Clinic Class - 11/17/22