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Your First 2 Weeks with a Newborn


Those first two weeks...

You have waited so long to hold this precious baby.  Those tiny toes, perfect eyes, squishy cheeks.  It is everything you dreamed of, and more!

Much lack of sleep, cluster feeding, and what is with that umbilical cord?!  And all this gear.  Do I really NEED everything?! (The answer is NO, you don't!)

The first two weeks are a magical mix of of the good, the bad and the ugly.  Hopefully this will help.  

1) Breast or Bottle, whatever.  A fed baby is a happy baby.  Give it your all.  Find what works for you and your baby.  And be happy that you are able to nourish your baby!

2)  The first 10 days are just perfect!  The sleep well, curl up like only newborns do, and are unveiling all their adorable features.  After about day 14ish, they start changing and FAST!  Cherish those first few days.  Make note of all their little nuances because they will be completely different in just a few short days. 

3)  Their skin!  Baby soft and then all of the sudden...BAM!  It transforms into a dry, flakey mess.  Don't worry.  It wont last forever and the best thing to do is lotion once a day and just let it be.  Soon enough, it will just be a memory.

4)  Cluster feeding is a beast.  Not all babies do it but when they do, it will wear on you.  Just know that they are doing what they should, instinctively.  Hang in there (and contact your doctor if you think you need to).

5) This is probably the most important: Trust your "mom gut".  If you think something is off, call the doctor.  If you feel like you baby is still hungry, even after feeding, you are probably right.  If you think the cord area looks "off", just ask about it.  There is nothing wrong with being careful and cautious.  Learn to trust your instinct.  Even as they get older, you know your child more than anyone.  

**One last piece of advice worth noting:  Drink the coffee, eat the cake, and take the nap.  You have to take care of you before you can take care of them.