Current Covid Policy:

As the covid issues continue, we are making efforts to control what we can but also allow our clients to have influence in such policies.

5/9/22 Update - 

*We are taking steps to ensure that our cleaning standards are of upmost priority.  This includes cleaning between clients, sanitizing commonly touched areas, laundering garments/wraps/etc after use, and removal of shoes when entering the shooting areas.  

*Employees are required to temp check every morning and sanitize often, throughout the day.

*Our full sick policy is strongly enforced and can be read within your contract.  If any illness is suspected, the session will immediately stop and all parties will leave.  Rescheduling fees will apply.  





Reschedule, Late, and No Show Policies in effect as of 5/9/22:

*Rescheduling with short notice (less than 24 hours) or no show will result in forfeiture of your retainer and a new retainer must be paid to rebook. This has always been policy but we plan to start strictly enforcing it. More than 1 reschedule outside of that 24 hour window (notice more than 24 hours out but rescheduling more than once), will have the same result.


*Late: If you are late for your session, that time cuts into your time slot and images will be taken in the amount of time left. Whatever is able to be achieved is what the proofing gallery will consist of.  More than 15 minutes late is considered a "No Show" a new retainer will be collected, should we rebook you at our discretion.  Mini sessions are the exception as the time slots are so small. If you are more than 10 minutes late to a mini session, the no show policy will be in effect.


*For Ordering Sessions or any other session without a specific retainer: Rescheduling with short notice (less than 24 hours) or no show will result in a $100 fee added to your design session total, when you do come in to order. Two reschedules, regardless of time frame, will result in a $75 fee and you will not receive bulk, discounted or package pricing when you do come in to view your images. If a client reschedules to the point that they are viewing their images more than 60 days from their session date or if they cancel their ordering appointment or don't attend/order at the ordering appointment, the images will be archived and the archival fee of $150 will be charged to recover those images.


Obviously, there will be certain situations where we need to assess as we go. But generally speaking, the policy is now in effect and will be signed off on in your contract when booking.  Please call the studio if you have questions.